Problem Solving: Man Style

Last night, on one of our not-so-local news stations (we are half-way between two large metropolitan areas and don’t have local TV stations where we live), there was a riveting (okay, annoying) story in the “Investigative Reporter” slot.  Usually this weekly feature is used to unmask shady contractors who skip out on work or multi-national companies who are shafting the little guy or sometimes there’s a “Buy It and Try It” review of products.  But last night, oh boy! What a show stopper! A man who dials a new quick link phone number designed to connect residents to the city for information (3-1-1) is really up a creek without a paddle, because when he dials the number, it doesn’t connect him to the city.  Oh no, no, no.  When this poor creature dials 311,  it connects him to the county.  Holy misdirected telephone number, Batman!  Alert Commissioner Gordon!  This is a first world problem that MUST be addressed AND covered on the news because NOTHING could be more important that seeking out the truth and receiving justice for this massive oversight.  Right?

In fact, this was SUCH an important topic, that I nearly hurt myself rolling my eyes and clicking off the TV. But wait, my husband, the Great Problem Solver, devised a solution for Mr. 3-1-1 Doesn’t Work For Me, on the spot, without doing any interviews or investigative reporting or time wasting.  And here it is:

Don’t call that number.

See?  Problem solved. 



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