All Hallow’s Read: The Morning After

Whew!  I’m having a hard time getting my motor running today.  Just the thought of cleaning up after Halloween is enough to make me want to crawl back in bed for another hour and pretend it’s not happening. Reality, I’m just not ready for you this morning! That is the flipside of big events, the post euphoria crash. But, a couple cups of coffee and I’ll be raring to go, moving on to the next Big Thing, which happens to be next weekend.  (Craft fair, anyone?)

It was a really successful All Hallow’s Read, which I can say with great confidence since there is no standard measurement of success for things like this. We gave away books, we gave away candy, people had a good time, children were amazed, and that all adds up to a whopping success.  Fakefish carved a killer Edgar Allan Poe jack o’lantern on a craft pumpkin that we’ll be able to use year after year, and that got loads of compliments. Children were AMAZED (!) that someone could just make that, it wasn’t bought at a store. Several kids were downright slack jawed over the very idea, which really tickled me. 

We hauled out our talking Grim Reaper, aka Grimmy, and he was put to work “reading” audio books. We used Poe’s short stories, The Raven and Tell Tale Heart, along with Neil Gaiman’s Click Clack the Rattlebag.  If Grimmy was a little too scary for the wee ones, I quickly yanked his audio plug and covered his face, but mostly he received good responses.  Those usually went like this, “Wait… is he… reading a story?” 


That’s Grimmy on the right.


Jeff, our cowled giant, got moved up to the front lines and hung out by the fence.




Here’s the hard numbers on what we handed out this year:

  • 81 treat bags (candy and bookmarks)
  • 15 comic books
  • 24 picture and board books
  • 42 juvenile and adult fiction books

My favorite comment of the evening came from a little girl who spotted our house from half way down the block and exclaimed, “Oh look!  It’s the book house! I looooooooooooove the book house!”  That right there is my measure of success, a kid gushing over the possibility of a book.





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