Happy Birthday, Bill Bryson!

It’s Bill Bryson’s birthday, ya’ll!  What?  You don’t have this marked on your calendar? Maybe you should.  Or at the very least, check out his books.

If you enjoy clever, articulate, and best of all, funny books about travel and the quirky nature of the English language, then this is the author for you, Bill Bryson. Bryson is a native of the midwest, the son of two journalists, and spent 20 or so years living in England before he moved back to the states with his wife and four children. One of the things that makes his books on travel so relatable is he’s a bad traveller. His travel books are fraught with mishaps and blunders and all the little uncomfortable bits of travel that make people want to bang their heads against a wall, but delivered in such a comical way that you might find yourself needing to set the book down to wipe the tears from yours eyes because you’ve been laughing so hard.

So go ahead, try to prove me wrong and pick up (or download) a copy of  A Walk in the Woods (hiking the Appalachian Trail badly), Notes from a Small Island (life in England), In a Sunburned Country (touring Australia),  I’m a Stranger Here Myself (moving back to the U.S.), The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid (a memoir about growing up in the midwest), or one of his many other wonderfully written books.


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