It’s Here! It’s Finally Here!


And… it’s an even better adventure if the dragon is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch!  I’m checking showtimes for The Desolation of Smaug and planning snacks and since the movie is nearly three hours long, I’m looking into catheters so I don’t have to miss any of it after drinking a ginormous movie theater soda.  It’s “jaguar inside a cello time” folks!  Or would that be jaguar inside a cell inside a dragon?  Either way, I’ve been anxiously awaiting this day for a year now, and here’s some of the things that have kept me going:


Not very dragon-like, I’m afraid, but funny and just goes to show Movie Magic is AWESOME.  I would love to have been a fly on the wall for this conversation.  What if we put Cumberbatch in a green body stocking?  Would the other actors still be able to spit out their lines?  There must be a gag reel somewhere for the first day on set.  It would have been distracting as all get out.

Ed Sheeran, ladies and gentlemen.  This song has been played over and over again on my iPod and still gives me chills each time I listen to it.  My kid rolls his eyes, though, and grumbles “Not again.”  This, from a five year old.  He’ll learn.

geek mommy

My kid likes Doctor Who and Captain America (specifically, his suit), so I figure I’ve laid the groundwork for all the other geek appreciation that will follow.  But until then, I will be reveling in my geekiness alone.  Time to find some Hobbit feet and head off to the movies.


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