Accentuate The Positive

The ever popular rant, in Five Points of Frustration

1. An excessive amount of Sensitivity Training in the workplace, when it should be Cultural Awareness Education and Using Good Manners. Southerners already know Good Manners smooth over a whole host of humanity’s rough spots, now it’s time to get the rest of the country on board with that. A little more manners, a sprinkle of kindness, and a little less B.S. training. 

2. “No Problem” when what someone really means is “You’re Welcome.”  I know it’s not a problem, it’s your job, you get paid to do it.  Or it’s a simple courtesy, and i have expressed my gratitude.  Complete that exchange and say, “You’re welcome.”  

3. Door-to-door salesmen.  I don’t care if you’re selling pest control or religion or the newspaper, please, for the love of Pete, do not come knocking on my door and try to sell it to me. If I DO make the mistake of answering the door instead of dropping to the ground and crawling commando style to hide behind the couch until you’ve give up and walked away, my answer will be an automatic ‘no.’  Move along, we’re all stocked up on crazy here.

4. The formula change of Nyquil.  It just ain’t the same, folks. Thankfully I’ve only been sick once so far this winter and it wasn’t bad enough to need heavy doses of cough suppressant in order to sleep, but I can still be sad and frustrated that the good old days of a Nyquil that actually works are long gone.

5. The postal service’s revamp of their package rates. No more third class.  It’s all Express, Priority, Standard or Media Mail.  Thank goodness there’s still media mail, or I’d have to give up selling books online! Is any of this making service any better?  Or just more complex?  Sigh.

Now then, I feel better. Rant concluded.  I’ll just release all that negative energy and go focus it on something more joy-filled, like coffee and dogs and the simple joy of songs played on a ukulele. And, just as a little extra something to put some happy into your day, here’s a picture of a puppy:

I need a puppy!



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