Handwriting Day

It’s National Handwriting Day!  Woo hooo!  The WIMA sponsors National Handwriting Day every January 23rd in conjunction with John Hancock’s birthday.  The Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association is a national trade association covering the $4.5-billion industry of pen, pencil and marker manufacturers. Man, I love pens.  I look at them every time I’m in Wal-Mart or Target, even if I don’t need any, just on the off chance there’s a new one I don’t have and it turns out to be the perfect pen. I love the physical act of writing, whether it’s a list or a letter. Writing is a joy.

If you find you don’t have time for handwritten correspondence, you can do the next best thing and have a font of your handwriting created – for FREE!  How cool is that?  Go here for instructions.  You’ll need to print the template, write out the alphabet, numbers and commonly used punctuation; then scan and upload the template. Then bam!  You get a true type font that can be loaded onto your computer.


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