Social Butterflies, If By Social You Mean Wallflower

Hi, I'm Awkward T-Shirt

The Hobbit was invited to a birthday party this week that took place at Chuck E. Cheese.  Surprisingly, we went. There is so much about that scenario that doesn’t appeal to me, from Chuck E. Cheese to Socializing With Strangers, but we went, and managed to have a good time. I credit a lot of that to the mom of The Hobbit’s best friend.  She’s a talker (I’m not), and she talks enough that I don’t have to struggle to fill the voids, and when I do have something to say, there’s just enough space for me to put it in there while she takes a short break. It’s a really great arrangement, plus she’s funny and friendly and kind. Her kids are pretty great, too. I knew I’d be able to brave the garish experience that is Chuck E. Cheese with the wonderful distraction of my friend.

I even talked to the other moms.  Out loud talking, not just crafting witty comments in my head. I need a merit badge for that.

Social interaction

The afternoon wasn’t too bad. Chuck E. Cheese isn’t crowded at noon on a weekday, so my biggest complaint was the creepy singing animals. The boys had a great time, and I introduced The Hobbit to the wonder that is Skeeball.  Skeeball is the only redeeming quality of Chuck E. Cheese, or any arcade set up, in my humble opinion.

The kids played, there was cake (always a plus), and I decided to give The Hobbit a little treat.  While tokens were provided by our hosts, I decided to get a bucket o’ tokens as well. I was determined to get the kid enough tickets to get a prize from the prize counter that was  bit more grand than a sticker or a piece of candy.  I totally scored, too.  It cost me $15, but I managed to help The Hobbit rack up 1,010 tickets.  Score! I was rather proud of my accomplishment, because it was something I had never managed to do as a kid. I suppose I can cross that off my bucket list, provided I first add it to the list and then proceed to cross it off. It wasn’t even something I was aware I wanted to do.

The Hobbit walked away from our birthday party socializing with an off-brand Lego car set, a ball, and a sheet of stickers, while I surprised myself by being social in a large group and not totally hating it. I think it was a good afternoon for everyone, and I might even be up to doing it again sometime.


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