The Bright Side of Quarantine

This past weekend, I was thinking just how fortunate we’ve been not to be plagued by illness this winter.  Our dry, sunny winter has meant drought conditions for California (55 days without rain, and counting), but it has also meant people aren’t huddled inside as much, swapping cold germs. Then the Hobbit came down with a cold that started with a runny nose on Saturday evening. Oh dear.

We had our flu shots this past autumn, and that vaccination mix was spot-on for the predicted strains this year, so we have been still been fortunate not to get any Big Sickness. So far (knock on wood), I have not picked up this latest little bug from The Hobbit. I’ve been decontamination mode, wearing a holster that holds a can of Lysol on one hip and hand sanitizer on the other, while making an effort to obtain an OCD handwashing habit. 

I kept the little guy home from school yesterday, and probably will again today. I know I get upset with parents who send their kids to school sneezing and snotting all over the place, so I try not to be that parent. As much as The Hobbit hates to miss school, and as much as I hate for him to miss school (two days of tuition down the drain…), I also kind of like being able to play hookie with him. He’s not so terribly sick that he’s laying on the couch looking pitiful and breaking my heart, but just sick enough that he gets to wear his pajamas all day and get to drink as much Sprite as he wants.

It will most likely be back to our regular schedule tomorrow, but I have been enjoying the bright side of sickness and making the most of our quarantine. 


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