DIY Hack

I love Pinterest   (you can follow me here) and Instructables and making things in general. I horde tutorials and pictures and things I want to make in my favorites list on my web browser and also in a file on my computer.  Over the weekend, I got around to making one of the many, many, many projects I have waiting in the wings.

I ran across this image on Pinterest a while back:


I think that pretty much sums up what goes on in my office/studio space and I loved the sign, which is a letter press poster by Thursday Press which sells for £33.50 unframed and £53.50 framed.  I don’t know about you, but after the currency conversion, plus shipping, that’s roughly the price of my desk top printer, and that got the little Steampunk wheels in my head turning.

I have a old, damaged diction that I’ve been using for various printing project here and there.  The pages measure 8.25″ x 5.375″.  I set up a blank Word document and change the paper size to reflect the dimensions of my dictionary page.  Because I tend to flub things from time to time, I set aside four pages for my attempt.

Then, I went scrounging online for some free clipart.  I found this Victorian pointing hand:


Then, I used another free online resource and got this cool font called :

alice in wonderlandThis font (along with many others) can be downloaded here.

I also used a piece of black cardstock to mount my finished product on and rummaged around for an old frame.  I had to cut the cardstock down to 8″ x 10″ to fit into the frame.  Here is the finished product:


And here’s a scanned version of just the page on the black cardstock:

dept of messing about

I just LOVE the images printed on dictionary pages that are popular right now, and this one turned out great.  The whole operations went so smoothly that I ended up making four, using the additional pages I had cut out, and will use those for gifts.  The gilded framed print is now hanging on my office door, so there is no doubt about what is going on in here.

These printed dictionary pages sell for around $7.00 -10.00 on Etsy. I made mine for less than $1.  Granted, I had most of the supplies already on hand and while I’m all for supporting independent artists and designers, I also work within a limited budget and get a great deal of satisfaction from making things myself.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some messing about to do.


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