Laughter Times Two

This meme is funny for more than one reason:

1. When I was growing up we had this neighbor, Clarence, who would come over to drink coffee and jingle the change in his pocket and “supervise” my dad with his one good eye (the other was glass) while Daddy fiddled about in his workshop building things.  Everytime my dad and Clarence would come up against a challenge, Clarence would look it over, and with complete certainty, declare, “No problem.”

2. My dad wore suspenders later in life.

3.  The Hobbit SHOULD wear suspenders because he’s slim and has a hard time keeping up his pants.

4. And anyone reading this who knew/knows Daddy, Clarence and The Hobbit will probably find this just as funny as I do.



2 thoughts on “Laughter Times Two

  1. How did I not know Clarence had a glass eye? Probably because the knowledge of it would’ve freaked me out beyond belief.


    • Yep. I don’t know how he lost his eye, maybe Grandmama does. Another interesting tidbit is that he grew up in a Seventh Day Adventist orphanage. Put all that together and it would be a great start to a character who is a bartender who also hunts down vampires and demons in his spare time.

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