A Sign of the Times

There are only 11 days left until the Mother’s Day Artisan Fair in Suisun and I get approximately 17 more gray hairs every 30 minutes as I try to wrangle my stuff into a cohesive vision.  I’ve spent too much money at thrift stores getting elements for the booth that I might not actually be able to use, the cashiers at Michael’s recognize me and hide (I seem to need a lot of stuff that isn’t actually on the shelves where it’s supposed to be.  Huh.), and in the spirit of “The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men Often Go Awry,” things have gone awry.  Very awry.  There is heaps and oodles of awry-ness happening.  So much awry-ing is happening in the general vicinity, I need to abuse perfectly good words to describe it.

For starters, I love, love, LOVE dictionary prints as well as signs with cute and quirky sayings on them.  I buy them quite often, so why not combine those two things and make some of my own?  Great idea!  Let’s do this!  Problem No. 1:  getting an 8.5 x 11 page in its entirety to stick to canvas without any bubbles or mishaps.   Many experiments transpired.  Failure ensued.  Then, after doing extensive research (ok, I watched a video on YouTube), I thought I hit on a solution.  This was the outcome:



And it looks pretty good.  I used a board canvas and Mod Podge to make the sign.  No bubbles, no crinkles, and totally protected from dust.  Worked Great.  Went on to the next sign.

Disaster struck. I panicked.  Had to pull the off the dictionary page and started over.  Tried using spray adhesive, thinking this would be easier to work with as it had in the past.  The result:

buy books


Bubbles!  Wrinkles!  Chaos!  Oh dear me. It went this way with all the subsequent signs I made yesterday.  Then the spray adhesive wouldn’t dry on the canvas.  I have half a dozen ruined signs.  Sigh.  If I had a fainting couch I would have swooned and delicately collapsed onto it as my hot-house-flower-fragile creativity was crushed by failure.

This morning,  I pulled the dictionary pages off the canvas as best I could and set them aside.  Not a total loss.  The canvases have now been designated “Mixed Media Art Supplies” and will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix in triumphant return, just as soon as I figure out what to do with the disappointing little suckers.

I shifted gears, still working through my to-do list that looks like this:



I moved on to a much anticipated, long desired project of making wallets out of book pages.  I found a great tutorial from HRH of Craftiness, Martha Stewart, and approximately three hours and five attempts later I had managed to cobble together this piece of crap:



It looks like Arts & Crafts Therapy Day.  That photo just doesn’t do it justice as to how badly I mangled the thing.  Crooked seams and vinyl that blushed deeply because of all the colorful language I tossed at it.  I admit, it’s probably not a good idea to develop a new product 11 days before a craft fair in a area that I only have 7th grade Home Ec proficiency, like sewing.  I think the wallets and any kind of wallet-esque projects can go on the back burner until after this particular craft fair.

This morning, determined to do something I knew I’d be successful with to give my day a little jump start, I started decoupaging some wall plaques made from small serving trays while having my morning coffee.  I got out the Mod Podge, had the supplies all lined up, dipped my brush into the Mod Podge, started applying it to some paper and went in for a second dip… straight into my cup of coffee.

Thankfully, I have this on the edge of my desk:

bang head here


After a little stress management, and a new cup of coffee, I headed once more into the fray with thoughts of little trains that could; falling down nine times, getting up ten; and Edison’s 10,000 ways that don’t work.


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