Dog Toys According To The Dog


My dog considers the following things to be toys, his toys:

1. Actual dog toys.  I usually buy these at a dollar store, because Winston doesn’t so much consider them toys as fluffy enemies that must be eviscerated or rope things that have displeased him in some way and the only solution is to chew them in half.

2. Shoes.  Watching an 11 1/2 pound dog haul a men’s size 11 shoe and relocating it to the back yard is a sight to behold. Mostly, he sticks to swiping the Hobbit’s shoes on account of them being smaller and the Hobbit’s reaction of running after the dog.  Oh joy!  We are Playing A Game!  Catch me!

3. Socks. Oh the delicious smell of feet!  The socks and be clean, dirty, single or paired.  He’s not picky. And if we are so rude as to not leave any socks out for his doggy pleasure, he’ll fish them out of the laundry.

4. Plastic water bottles.  They make crunchy sounds!  They’re light!  I can run and crunch and leap!

5. Plastic children’s toys.  The Hobbit is learning the hard way that toys left on the floor are in The Dog Zone and therefore Belong To The Dog.  I suppose it’s a good thing he has so many toys Winston can chew his way through.

6. Cardboard.  He chews on boxes and book marks and the edges of books or photo albums.

On most days, our backyard looks like a scenario from the Facebook game crime scene (minus the dead body):



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